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Mandagsskolen - Kimchi 1.1 Workshop with Kala Sung

  • Det Økologiske Inspirationshus 7 Allegade Frederiksberg, 2000 Denmark (map)

We are happy to announce three more kimchi classes at Allegade7 with the korean-newyorker chef Kala Sung.

Kala is currently traveling around the world with her creative & culinary workshop - Kala's Kimchi. Her goal is to bring Kimchi into every kitchen. She has adapted the Kimchi’s traditional techniques to local products, continually introducing other modern twists while retaining its distinctive qualities.

The "new" Nordic Kitchen is very dedicated toward exploring the techniques of food preservation that involve the process of fermentation: Korean kimchi is a lacto-fermented food that is usually quoted because of its popularity as well as for its healthy proprieties.

Through a rich calendar of interactive and dynamic workshops, we aim to show and teach people how easy and accessible it is to ferment food at home (especially veggies leftovers) so enhancing the variety of the diet and reducing the food waste.

Language: English

Teacher: Kala Sung

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